Fifteen: Intuitive Healing with Amy Alaman (Part I)

February 17, 2020 Amy Timleck Season 2 Episode 15
Fifteen: Intuitive Healing with Amy Alaman (Part I)
Show Notes

Hilo!!! It’s Monday and amazing things are happening this week!

Instead of trying to fit this baby all into one teeny, tiny imaginary box of one episode, I let it soar lol! The interview that I did with Amy Alaman was nothing short of magic so you get Part I this week and then Part II next week. It’s about intuition. It’s about healing. It’s about trust. It’s about so many beautiful things it was just too darn good to rush!

Amy, founder of Sacred Paintbrush Arts, is a Master Facilitator of intuitive painting, creative healer, and whimsy chaser. She has been clean and active in 12-step recovery since 2002, having gone to rehab at the age of 17. Amy has been practicing intuitive painting through Creative Juices Arts since 2013, and in 2019 began offering her own workshops. Amy is bridging the wellness gap by bringing the healing of the intuitive painting process to women of color and other underrepresented populations. She offers intuitive painting workshops designed to help people reconnect with their often traumatized and abandoned creative selves. She also sells hand-painted wearable art jewelry and other hand-crafted goods at her Sacred Adornment pop-up shops.

Weekly class: Wednesdays 6:30-9pm, Oakland, CA *visit website for details

Pop-up shops: *visit website for details

Connect with her at:

FB: The Sacred Paintbrush

IG: @thesacredpaintbrush

Same time, same place next week for Part II. Have an amazing week!