Twelve: Body Liberation with Tiana Dodson

January 27, 2020 Amy Timleck and Tiana Dodson Season 2 Episode 12
Twelve: Body Liberation with Tiana Dodson
Show Notes

We’re starting out today with a little blast from the past. I cannot get this song out of my head and while it could be worse….it could be a lot better lol! So as I type I’m listening to NOFX way too loud and being transported back to my teenage years and liking the view from here waaaaaayyyyyy better. 

I digress….

It’s Monday, so that means another amazing guest that’s helping us (me) human and show up to conversations that often feel really complicated. This week we are joined by the incredible Tiana Dodson who is a body liberation coach and founder of One Beautiful Yes. She’s here to destroy the belief that you have to be thin to be happy and healthy and is starting a new conversation around health -- one that acknowledges that health is holistic, personal, and that being fat and being healthy do not have to be mutually exclusive. I’ve been coming back to her words a lot over the last couple of weeks and I’m honoured to get share them with all of you. 

Thanks for being here on this last Monday in January – We made it!!!!

Tiana’s Links!

Website: One Beautiful Yes
Instagram: @IAmTianaDodson
Facebook: @TianaTheCoach
Twitter: @OneBeautifulYes